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MON AMI has two meanings: in French it means “my friend” and in Kimbundu (an Angolan language) “my son”. It is a way of saying that, in order to be good hosts, we cannot forget who we are and where we come from. We are mindful of the changes the tourism boom has brought to Lisbon in recent years, which is why we support the art of hospitality without neglecting our genuine Lisboan identity and this is what we will share with you. We like detours and how they keep surprising us. We might stop for 20 minutes to see the sunset or take a walk and go have a ginginha at that special place. We don’t want your trip to Lisbon to taste like a frozen meal. What we serve here is homemade and freshly prepared.

More than a host, MON AMI is your friend in Lisbon.

Nuno Caniços

Nuno Caniços

Co-Founder and CEO

In his spare time he cleans the garage and makes the casting of adorable old ladies for the videos. An alfacinha by birth, a Benfica supporter out of devotion and a wanderer out of his love for fado. He worked in TV production, which took him travelling around the world.
Alexandra Vociu

Alexandra Vociu

Co-Founder and COO

Originally from Romania, Alexandra moved to Lisbon to follow her lifelong dream of living by the Atlantic coast and working in the tourism industry. Together with Nuno, they decided to launch Monami Tours together in order to share with the world the way they see Lisbon.