Fátima, Batalha, Nazaré, Óbidos

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This tour takes us to some of the most symbolic places of the Portuguese Catholic Mysticism

We start with a visit to the city of Fatima, which celebrated this year the 100th anniversary of the visions of Our Lady of Fatima . Join pilgrims from all over the world who gather daily at the small Chapel of Santa Iria and at the Sanctuary.

We then go towards the coast, to Nazaré, a fishermen village strategically located on a very high sea cliff. It has welcomed swimmers and pilgrims from all over who gather at the Ermida da Memória (Memory Chapel) where the statue of Our Lady of Nazaré is kept.

Óbidos is a small medieval jewel, a village inside the walls which is extraordinarilly well preserved and which amazes all those who visit it, especially those who love chocolate, cherry liqueur, and literature!

Why a private tour?

Personalize each step of your trip

Of course there’s a custom itinerary but we take very serious the customers demand for individuality and and do our best to tailor our services to your preferences.

Don´t bother with travel research

Online reviews can be helpful, but sometimes we just have to remember that we are unique as individuals and tastes. Rely on your capacity to explore the unknown.

Skip the lines and reservations

Best tool for time optimization? Skipping the lines! Waste no time in a queue purchasing tickets neither wait for a table to have lunch. We’ve got your back!

Make the most of your trip

We’ll make sure you’ll be taking full advantage of the tour merging the main points of interest with the hidden gems. Our purpose is to offer you a complete experience.

How do I know if this is the right tour for me?

Santuário de Fátima
Mosteiro da Batalha
Praia da Nazaré
Ermida da Memória
Vila medieval de Óbidos


We created an experience that we identify with, merging the local eye interpretation with the touristic preferences.

Our intention is the make your staying in Lisbon as pleasant as it can be, helping you to discover the complexity of this beautiful and rich city and marking sure that the information we provide during the tour will be helpful during your entire holiday.

Our priority is to make sure that you are happy, safe and comfortable through the whole experience.

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You can easily book a tour online,  choosing the right date for you. As soon as the booking is confirmed,  we’ll contact you to establish the rest of the details such as the pick-up hours and location. You can also book a tour by phone or email.


The pick up  location is previously established, you just name it and we will get there. It can be near your accommodation (has to be downtown) or a random  place in the city center. We normally drop you off downtown.


After getting informed and putting together all the necessary details to make this happen, you’re about to start the adventure. We’ll make sure that you’ll have fun all the way and do our best to make your experience unforgettable.

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