Santos, Alcântara, Belém

The tours

Ranging in duration and length, created to reveal the Portuguese culture.

The drivers

Essential part of your experience,  tailoring our tours with your interests.

The transport

E-tuk vehicles and Piaggio Calessino Tuks, perfect for a first contact with the city.

Your memories

Video shooting is available with an advance notice request, guaranteeing memorable souvenirs.

Lisbon along the Tejo and from there towards the sea

Belém is a garden planted by the sea with several 16th-century monuments, such as the Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery.

But contemporary Lisbon is also present: in the newly-opened Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), in the Belém Cultural Centre (CCB) or in the Monument of the Discoveries.

 At the end of the trip, treat yourself with a delicious pastel de Belém at Lisbon’s most famous factory. If there is time, we promise to cross the 25 April Bridge for a view of Lisbon from its south bank. 


Why a Tuk Tuk ride?

Goes where a car cannot reach

Because Tuk-tuks are perfect for a first contact with Lisbon due to it’s narrow, cobbled streets. Don’t forget that this a city tour that will help you have a better sense of where and how to spend the rest of your time.

Group sightseeing

We can carry up to 6 people in an electric vehicle, the e-Tuk. Or up to 3 people in a Piaggio Calessino vehicle. We can also book several vehicles for larger groups.

Traffic management

Tuk Tuks are fast vehicles, agile in bypassing the traffic, taking shortcuts and side streets and revealing recesses that large tourist vehicles cannot get to.

Comfort riding

Comfort is a priority in our Tuk Tuks. Seats are comfy, handmade and prepared to drive through less sunny days, ensuring the same comfort and safety as a car.

How do I know if this is the right tour for me?

Navegador is a must-do. No one visits Lisbon without wanting to explore its highlights. From the imposing monuments to its contemporary findings, this tour is complex and so good that cannot be missed.

Torre de Belém

This imposing monument which was declared by UNESCO as “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” is an architectural wonder and symbolizes the interaction of Portugal with other civilisations and cultures.


The MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology – is a cultural center which gathers contemporary artists, architects and thinkers,  developing activities  for all audiences and ages.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

The most impressive example of Late Gothic Manueline style, the Monastery of Jerónimos was part of the Order of Saint Jerome and is also classified as a “cultural Heritage of humanity” by UNESCO.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Detached from everything else, on the bank of Tagus river, the Monument of Discoveries recalls the Portuguese expansion over the seas and awakes a part of the past in which Portugal was a country full of glory.

Lx Factory

An old factory of wire and textiles, nowadays transformed in one of the coolest places in town. The fantastic buildings decors, trendy cafes and shops or diverse activities – everything is a sinal that you can’t miss this spot.


We created an experience that we identify with, merging the local eye interpretation with the touristic preferences.

Our intention is the make your staying in Lisbon as pleasant as it can be, helping you to discover the complexity of this beautiful and rich city and marking sure that the information we provide during the tour will be helpful during your entire holiday.

Our priority is to make sure that you are happy, safe and comfortable through the whole experience.

How It Works



You can easily book a tour online,  choosing the right date for you. As soon as the booking is confirmed,  we’ll contact you to establish the rest of the details such as the pick-up hours and location. You can also book a tour by phone or email.


The pick up  location is previously established, you just name it and we will get there. It can be near your accommodation (has to be downtown) or a random  place in the city center. We normally drop you off downtown.


After getting informed and putting together all the necessary details to make this happen, you’re about to start the adventure. We’ll make sure that you’ll have fun all the way and do our best to make your experience unforgettable.

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